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MyAMC uses proprietary technology to identify the best appraiser for every assignment

Saturday, October 1, 2016.




MyAMC puts customer service front and center by using proprietary technology to ensure the right appraiser is selected for the job. Based in Dallas, Texas, the national valuation services provider delivers expert-level appraisal to their clients through a range of products and services, including origination appraisals, compliance audits, post-closing quality control and automated valuation models.

MyAMC’s clients benefit from every aspect of their interactions with the company. Experienced field appraisers make up MyAMC’s executive team so the company’s leadership understand the issues facing field appraisers and can help resolve issues regarding quality or methodology. 

Additionally, MyAMC assists in underwriting interpretation and potential investor issues regarding appraisal challenges.  The company was part of the early testing of Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter, an automated risk assessment tool, and can provide guidance in resolving challenges stemming from CU.

“If an appraisal is rebutted as part of the reconsideration process, the internal appraisers help to understand the client issues and work with the field appraisers to help resolve the issues,” said Mills Landon, managing director at MyAMC.

MyAMC’s staff is comprised of well-qualified appraisers who hold MAI and SRA designations from the Appraisal Institute, as well as process experts and experienced customer service staff. 

“Having a great balance of staff with different areas of expertise help us break down any barriers within the organization to ensure we are providing excellent service and quality to the clients,” Landon said.

MyAMC utilizes proprietary technology to quickly identify the best appraiser for the assignment, leveraging factors like geographic competency, past performance criteria, and current workload.  Integration with companies like Ellie Mae, Mercury and BlackKnight ensure a seamless workflow, regardless of their partners’ software preference. 

“Automated quality control is key today in helping our partners identify and quickly correct issues, in addition to providing valuable aggregate scorecards for performance,” Landon said. “Our Business Intelligence tools help us leverage our data to ensure that we are proactive and well managed. Most importantly, it is agile.  We have the distinct advantage of speed in implementation.”

The company’s quick response time isn’t limited to implementation — it’s part of the company’s DNA.

“Our objective is to be there when our customers need us. They call us with a variety of needs, ranging from simple update requests to time sensitive emergencies, and our mission is to connect the person inquiring to the person that can help as quickly as possible,” Landon said.

“We employ a variety of tools and strategies to accomplish this. Our culture is to help our customer find a solution, regardless of how or where their inquiry comes to us.  It is about taking ownership at every level.”

As it looks to the near future, MyAMC is committed to serving not only its clients but the larger industry.

“Our push for 2017 is to focus extensively on our fee panel.  We intend to raise awareness on a looming appraiser shortage in some markets as well as barriers for new appraisers entering the market.  We must all recognize this challenge and do our part to advocate for solutions,” Landon said.

“We will take steps to improve our fee panel experience, creating efficiencies and enhancing operational processes to drive satisfaction.”


David Mentesana, VP of Operations and Client Development

F4With over 20 years working in the appraisal industry, David Mentesana has a wide range of experience including roles as SVP of LandSafe Appraisal, SVP of Bank of America and VP with ServiceLink Valuation. Mentesana is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in Texas and Virginia as well as a licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas. He also holds the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute.

Roy McGregor, VP, National Sales

F4Roy McGregor’s mortgage banking career began in 1994 as a retail loan officer. His subsequent roles include mergers and acquisitions, as well as multiple sales leadership positions in wholesale, reverse mortgage, and national title. Through his various experiences in mortgage banking, McGregor has developed a comprehensive and diverse understanding of multiple facets of the industry by cultivating mutually beneficial relationships throughout the U.S.

Mills Landon, Managing Director

F4Mills Landon brings more than 20 years of experience in leading top performing sales and operations teams, with roles ranging from regional VP of sales at New Century Mortgage to senior unit manager of payment processing at Capital One Auto Finance. Through his diverse background, Landon offers a unique perspective in the valuation services space, driving a continuous improvement culture and inspiring his teams to strive for opportunities to enhance the customer experience.